Telephone Features

Call Forward

To set up a call forward so that all your calls are passed to a different extension, dial *55 followed by the extension number that you wish to receive your calls. So to transfer all your calls to extension 20999, you should dial *5520999. To cancel call forward, you should dial #55.

Call Pickup

To pick up calls from other extensions, each of the extensions need to be in a pickup group. Requests for pickup groups should be made by calling the IT Help Desk on extension 23427. Once telephones are in a pickup group, users can pickup each others calls by dialling *65.

Call Transfer

To transfer a call that you have already answered to a different extension you should press the 'recall' button. This will give you dial tone, and place the original call on hold. You should now enter the extension number that you wish to transfer the call to. If this extension is answered, you can announce the caller, hang up, and the system will transfer the call. If the extension is busy, or if the person called does not wish to take the call, you should press the 'recall' button again, and dial *63. This will retrieve the original call from hold. Once the call has been put on hold, the system will ensure that the call is not lost. If your transfer is unsuccessful for any reason, the system will call you back, and you will be speaking to the original caller again.

Follow Me

If you are working away from your usual desk, and forget to set up a call forward, you can still receive all you incoming calls. From your 'temporary' location, dial *56 followed by your own extension number. All your calls will now be passed to the temporary extension. Follow Me may be cancelled by dialling #56 at the temporary extension.